Creating food menus can e bothersome if ou have a really hective schedule at work, in school or at home. But if ou are a person or a family that loves different types of food every meal and the type that gets easily bored the with the same food served over and over again, then creating a food menu to have a well-planned meal for the day and for the week is for you.


Meal planning and creating food menus for the week is a healthy choice to maintain eating a fit meal for the day. Since you only have healthy food choices, you will never be tempted to eat something rich in cholesterol and in fat.

Food menus offer only health choices if you place nutritious foods in the list. For instance, placing only omelette and skimmed milk instead of bagels and cream milk for breakfast will offer a healthy food choice that is low in calories but full in nutrients. This will definitely help you if food substitutes to aid in your weight loss.

Food menus also bring an exciting experience for the family for they will be involved in meal planning. As a family unit, it is always good to involve everyone in making decisions and this also include involving the family in deciding the meal plans for the week.

Food menu lists that are found in most restaurants doesn’t offer the number of calories per meal so the only choice is you either underestimate or overestimate the calorie content of each meal. If you are trying to lose weight, this may be a bad idea. So, to be able to manage what you eat, it is better that you decide you own food choices to keep track of your calorie intakes.

Food menu lists often include a carbohydrate rich breakfast, a medium energy sourced lunch and a light dinner. For example, for a Sunday morning, you may take a fresh fruit for breakfast, coupled with eggs and fresh fruit juice or shake. For lunch, you can have a peanut butter sandwich, soup and some milk. For dinner, you can have a fresh apple and milk.

Creating your own food menu allows you healthier food choices as you journey you way to lose weight.

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